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TAHITI DANCE FITNESS (TDF) was founded in 2009 by Lila Evrard & Beatrice Heitiare Caisson, two sisters originally from Tahiti who are both passionate about sharing their experience & knowledge in Dance, Fitness & Health. TDF is the first and only provider in Singapore of Tahitian Dance & Fitness classes, performances & workshops. TDF has been recognised by international & local medias for being a Unique form of Art & Wellness activity in Singapore (Mediacorp, Tedx, SPH, etc).

Lila & Beatrice are both World Class instructors who have given Workshops and Performed all around the world for the highest ranked companies and have trained with the Famous Award Winner – Leolani Gallardo (Miss Heiva USA 2011) & with recognised Instructors from Tahiti (certified by the Territorial Arts Conservatory of Tahiti).
Those two sisters aim in sharing their heart out with gratitude to any student, guest or audience. A lifetime experience guiding kids, adults of all ages and background for a Happier & Healthier lifestyle.
TDF has been contributing to Singapore since 2009 until now through Fund Raising Actions from Annual Charity performances (Red Cross – Official Partner).

OUR MISSION: To Empower Women of all ages by sharing a Vibrant Wellness Activity for a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle and to spread the Beauty of Tahitian Dance  through Performances. We encourage a Healthy Lifestyle and support Humanitarian/Ecology Organizations through fund raisings from our performances.

“Giving our best & sharing with all our heart out are our priorities to bring out the best out of each Student, participants & audience.”

“We built the entire Tahiti Dance & Fitness program with our hearts. We focus on helping women to gain a healthier & happier lifestyle through Tahiti Dance & Fitness and on sharing the Beauty & Culture of Tahitian dance with respect. For us, Health & Happiness starts with maintaining a positive attitude & good healthy habits. We aim to provide a joyful & meaningful experience to each of our dancers or audience. We aim to contribute to a better world in our way.” - The TDF Team

“Beyond the beauty of the artform & cultural sharing from the dance part, the most important to me is to Empower each student. My main focus is to bring out the best out of each individual by sharing values such as Grace, Self-confidence, and Awareness about the body & mind as well as Health. Since I started TDF with my sister, every class is to me an opportunity to better  myself and contribute to others. Everyday it reminds me to approach life with Gratitude, Grace & Spirituality. Daily healthy habits & TDF are my cure for Health & Joy. This is my little secret I’d like to share with any woman looking for the same ideals! Most importantly, through my art & fund raisings, I believe I can fulfill my other dreams to contribute to a better world.”Heitiare, Co-Founder & Artist-Instructor

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INSTRUCTORS: Lila, Beatrice 

Lila (right side) has over 15 years experience in teaching with over 10 years experience as a performer. She has started dance & fitness in her teenage years. In addition to that, she is an awarded black belt martial artist & international speaker (TEDX) who enjoys all type of dynamic activities such as Parkour matching a healthy lifestyle. Her High energy level & Inner Strength is naturally inspiring and empowering.

Beatrice (left side) has 9 years experience in teaching and over 20 years as a performer. She started dancing & performing at the age of 9 years old, followed by certified fitness trainings during her young adulthood. In addition to that, she also performs as a professional Singer & Ukulele player. Besides that, she also enjoys Chinese dance, painting, healthy cooking (since age 8) and has been an active Volunteer/ Volunteer leader during 5 years supporting Humanitarian & Ecological projects/ values going along with a healthy lifestyle. Her Femininity, Grace & Warmth touches every hearts.

KIDS INSTRUCTORS & TEAM:  Kim, Megumi, Rose & Yeehan




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Kim, Megumi, Rose & Yeehan share the same passion in teaching and guiding any individuals to bring out the best out of them. The four of them bring in the team an explosive blend of Grace, Humility, Passion & Strength to each class and projects. A group of exceptional individuals that has the ability to warm up every heart within a split of second.

TAHITI DANCERS: Lila, Kim, Heitiare, Megumi, Machiko, Yoshie, Yeehan, Maeva


The aim of TDF classes is to provide a Unique Wellness Activity to empower women of all ages for a happier & healthier lifestyle. Our classes are open to all levels and have a warm & welcoming familial type of atmosphere. Our program counts 4 set of complete activities:

- TAHITI DANCE: “Tradition with a Modern Twist” -
Artistic Traditional Choreography with a Modern Twist! Guaranteed Cardio activity work out, ideal to stay in shape. + Extra Performer Training

- TAHITI FITNESS: “Calorie Killer Fitness” -
A New Concept – Ideal to Lose Weight & get Fit! Combining Effective Cardio & Full Body conditioning (Abs, Bun, Legs, Arms) with Sexy Tahitian Moves.

- TAHITI Dance Kids: “Gift your child with Grace & Self-confidence” -
Beautiful Traditional Choreogrphy with a Modern Twist Dynamic Activity to improve grace, focus & self-confidence For Kids from 6 to 12 years old.

- PRIVATE CLASSES: “Take the Highway” -
For Performance purposes or Students willing to improve faster or learn additional dances or techniques.


TDF provides quality workshops & performances with colourful and authentic traditional costumes leaving to the audience and each participants an unforgettable experience.

Since 2009, TDF has been performing for the highest ranked companies in Singapore from The Resort World Sentosa, the Library @ Esplanade, to welcoming ministers and has been awarded by the Red Cross from their Charity Initiatives from Performances. Quality can not be compromised.


* Kids & Adults: Open to women of all ages, All Skill Levels
* Lose Weight & Get Fit! * Fun Work Out & Relaxation
* Increase Self-Confidence, Focus & Grace
* Experience the Beauty & Culture of Tahitian Dance


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